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Test Certification

Test Certification

©Korea Electromagnetic Research Test Certification Team specializes in the fields of defense, automobile, nuclear power, and EMC environment measurement.

We also offer consulting service to guide through complex and challenging testing procedures.

With our deep knowledge and plentiful experiences, we provide a fast, reliable, and convenient testing service. 

KOLAS Accredited

| What is Electromagnetic Interference?

The disturbance caused by electromagnetic waves generated from electronic devices is referred to as electromagnetic interference (EMI) because they affect the operation of itself and other devices through radiation or conduction.

| Business Sectors

| K-ESP Voucher Usage

©Korea Electromagnetic Research was selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration to support the use of K-ESP Voucher. The test fee can be paid using the voucher.

K-ESP is a company that has expertise in major R & D fields and specializes in providing technical services to SMEs.

| Facility and Equipment

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